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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pirate adventures for Helene in Cheshire – and a close encounter of the eagle kind!

Helene arrived in Blackpool and was whizzed off in a coach with Blackpool North Division Guides and Brownies. We were all off to spend a holiday together Cheshire to celebrate the Olympics, and the theme for the week was Pirates! Arrrr!


Helene had a fantastic time…

Wow the zip wire was really fast…" Thank you for the ride Steph!’

The girls were challenged to build a swing. It was wicked!!

‘I’ve only got little legs, thank you for the lift!’

Helene says ‘Watching the falcon display was great until he decided he was going to EAT ME help........................’

Don't worry, Helene fans, she wasn't hurt at all, only bit shaken by her eagle experience!

Helene has made so many new friends and been on lots of adventures. She played with the parrots in the brigg, took part in pirate Olympics, had a sing song round the camp fire, got half eaten by a falcon and was made to walk the plank!!

She was exhausted by the end of the week, and slept all the way home on the coach.

Helene says ‘Thank you Blackpool North Division for a fantastic week and I hope to see you all again soon.’

Now off to her next adventure.............

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