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Friday, 14 September 2012

Helene in Knoxville, discovering how the Girl Scouts began and making friends

The Girl Scouts of Troop 20628 in Knoxville, Tennessee USA were thrilled when Helene arrived for her visit with us!
Doing the 'stadium be my eyes' activity

Before she got here, she missed out on our Olympics evening, where we did the WAGGGS Games Go Global Bronze badge.We wish she would have been here for it, but we are certain that our Troop bear Juliette told her all about it during their chats!  

Our own Olympic rings!
Helene arrived in perfect time for a Girl Scout history program that we were attending called Our Girl Scout Story. We introduced Helene to our Troop bear, Juliette, and they enjoyed a nice chat!
Helene and Juliette getting to know each other
Juliette is named for Juliette Gordon Low, the Founder of Girl Scouts of the USA. Our Troop learned a lot about Juliette Gordon Low, as well as WAGGGS, during the program, and so did Helene.

Helene loves the old-fashioned uniform
Here, Helene is learning about the history of Girl Scouts in the Knoxville and Oak Ridge areas. She also got to try on an early Girl Scout uniform, and she played jacks with us!

playing jacks
Finding out about our guiding world history

While learning about WAGGS and the World Centres, Helene enjoyed some treats from India with us! Some were a little spicy, but the cookie was delicious!

Mmm tasty

Helene joined us during friendship circle too! We were so happy to have Helene with us, and we are proud of her for earning the Our Girl Scout Story badge!
Our badge
In our friendship circle
 After the event, Helene enjoyed a sleepover with one of our Junior Girl Scouts, and they had fun playing with Lalaloopsy dolls!

Can you spot Helene amongst the dolls?
Helene’s last adventure with Troop 20628 was with two of the Troop Leaders. Helene joined them for a Troop camping course at Camp Tanasi in Andersonville, Tennessee. Helene learned how to build a fire, and she also enjoyed a ‘fiery’ treat! With a kiss farewell, we send Helene off to a Girl Scout Troop in Utah. We wish Helene well as she continues her journey!


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