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Friday, 14 September 2012

Helene has the bounciest day ever at Buzz camp with 4th Disdbury Rainbows

Helene had a great weekend with 4th Didsbury Rainbows - she went to Buzz 2012, Girlguiding Manchester's county camp and mini festival!

She started off being looked after Rainbow, Nancy, who was there with her mum, and she visited the creche and went to the opening ceremony where lots of bouncy bee balls were released for the crowd to bounce around while they listened and danced to the singer. 
Helene and her Rainbow friends getting ready to climb
Helene also spent some time at the activities information desk and met loads of Guides and Brownies who popped in in between their activities to collect the activities badges they had earned to pin on their ID lanyard.  She tried to get on film when the BBC came filming for the news, but she must have been edited out...!

When the rest of the Rainbows arrived the fun really started! They all had a go at climbing, high ropes, bracelet making, bunjee trampolining, nail art, a custard run, science magic, glitter tattoos, giant kerplunk, and sooo many more things. One group of Rainbows and Helene went round the activities with Leader Snowy who has just had her 18th birthday, Happy Birthday Snowy!
Bungeeeeee! The Rainbows' favourite activity

Look at her go...

The science bit - we managed to push a kebab stick throguh a balloon without bursting it!

It was an interesting weekend weather wise, which pleased the Rainbows and Helene as they had great fun playing in the mud (I'm afraid Helene got a bit muddy, we have cleaned her up as best we can!)

We've loved having Helene and the Rainbows can't wait to find out what she gets up to next!


Joanna Mellor (Lightning), 4th Didsbury Rainbows


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