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Friday, 31 August 2012

Out of this World - Helene in Flower Power sub-camp

5th Stopsley Guides, Stopsley South, Luton South - Flower Power sub-camp - Wednesday-Thursday 22nd-23rd August 2012

Helene was invited to visit the Flower Power sub-camp during her time at the Out of this World camp, and arrived just as they were making dinner.  They were having cowboy casserole, it was very tasty.  After they had eaten, Helene made friends with another mascot called Billy-Bob!

Later in the evening, we all headed up to the campfire, where a Guide called Shannon took very good care of Helene.

The stunts at the campfire were great, we all liked the Waterworld 'If I Was Not A Girl Guide' song, and the '12 Days of Camping'  performed by Quackopia.  At bedtime, Helene was so popular as a tent-mate, that she had to stay with the Leaders as the Guides couldn’t decide who should have her! The Leaders gave Helene a present, a badge from Haverings, their local Guide residential centre. 

In the morning Helene was taken to the craft tent by one of the Guides, Keliyah. They helped each other make some beautiful things, including painting a terracotta pot. Everyone got back together for elevenses (yummy mid-morning snacks), then Helene went back to her own subcamp.

She had a great night in Flower Power – thanks to them for looking after her!


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