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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Helene's been Out of this World!

Helene arrived in Bedford and was greeted by Gill Lake the Division Commissioner for Bedford, who was busy getting ready for camp. Gill’s friend Marion made Helene her very own camp blanket, so she’s been collecting badges and having them sewn on ever since...

The first day at camp was VERY hot!

Helene sheltering from the sun with her water bottle
The opening ceremony at camp was great fun - we zoomed away from Earth and met the inhabitants of other worlds like – Cadbury World, Planet Rock, Quackapia, and Water World. Each world’s inhabitants introduced themselves and their customs. These were our sub-camps!

Here’s Helene with an inhabitant of Quackapia

...and some friends that she made in Water World

...and a Scouter from Serbia who was staying with Water World
Helene made it on to the front page of the camp newsletter – The Planet – with an article telling the girls all about her.
She visited mission control to sign in

here she is in Planet Rock with their mascot Robin.

During the camp Helene spent some time with some of the other worlds...
Unfortunately that meant that the camp had come to an end so we all said our goodbyes and prepared to strike the rained all morning so Helene stayed warm and dry tucked up in her camp blanket!!
Helene was back on Water World for the closing ceremony – there was a cool performance by several of the girls who were trained throughout the day by Richard, a West End actor, who had just flown in from America.

Then when it was dark we went outside where each world was sent off as a Chinese lantern – there was even one to support the Paralympics. We all had glow sticks as well and we had great fun singing whilst waving our glowsticks. Helene had a great time with Bedfordshire Guides, who made her so welcome at their Out of This World camp and she says thanks to Bedford Division for hosting her!
Our Chinese lantern

Helene's badge collection is growing already!

Watch out for blogs from the sub-camps that Helene visited, coming soon….

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