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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Helene's cheers keep 1st Rosherville Brownies running at their On Your Marks fun day

Helene's been visiting 1st Rosherville Brownies in Kent. She had great fun at their meeting, helping the Brownies vote for their favourite at their pet show. All the pets had been brushed and were looking at their best - and as they were all fluffy toy animals, they were very well behaved!

On Saturday the Brownies took part in an “On Your Marks” Fun Day. Helene got to help carry the Torch at the Opening Ceremony.  She then cheered on the Brownies as they took part in different games and races - she says her support defintely helped them do their very best.

Helene watched from a distance as the Brownies decorated their own mugs - she didn't want any paint on her fur!  The highlight of the day came when the new Mayor of Gravesham arrived.  Together they watched the Brownies have fun.  At the end of the day Helene sat with the Mayor surrounded by the Brownies and had her photograph taken with them all.

After all her cheering, Helene was quite worn out, and wondering where she'll go next!

Helene, the Mayor and the Brownies having a great day

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