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Monday, 21 May 2012

Helene's been thinking about rights with Rainbows and buzzing with Brownies in Northern Moor

After arriving in Northern Moor on Tuesday afternoon, Helene was having a rest, when she was told she’d be visiting the local Rainbow unit! She travelled on the back of a bike nice and safely with her high vis jacket and cycle helmet.

The Rainbows were thrilled to see her and all wanted to say hello. The Rainbows were working on their Right to be Happy badge, and Helene joined in worked with one of the small groups.

What a great helmet!

Doing the Right to be happy badge
After the Rainbows had gone home the Guides arrived and Helene stayed to help with their On Your Marks… badge. Some of the Guides Googled this blog, and after reading about all Helene’s adventures they made her flag and medal which she wore with pride. The rest of the Guides were busy in the kitchen making energy bars. Yum!

Helene sporting her fabulous flag and medal
On Thursday I was taken to see the new County shop and was bought a mini Brownie Promise badge.

Making yummy energy bars
On Friday came Helene’s day to visit 5th Northern Moor Brownies. They were working on a Get the Buzz challenge. This is to get the Brownies ready for a big County camp they’re going on called Buzz. We made an edible bee, fruit and honey smoothie, honey butties and played a bee dice game - it was fun, fun, fun and Helene joined in everything.

On Monday evening Helene went to visit the Wythenshawe Rangers. They were having fun decorating mugs!

Helene’s had an action-packed week here in the North West – and can’t wait to see where she’ll be off to next.

5th Northern Moor Brownies

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