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Monday, 12 March 2012

Saving the environment in Our Cabaña, Mexico!

Debbi Seibel, Assistant Program Manager at Our Cabaña

The Our Cabaña program team is made up of people from lots of different countries of the world, and their views on the environment are quite different. Our team got ready for World Thinking Day by comparing our home countries and their environmentally-friendly practices such as recycling and park clean-up projects.
We then thought about Mexico, where we are all living now. The World Health Organisation says that the pollution levels here are much higher than they should be - In Mexico City alone, there are nearly three million cars! There are things happening to change this – taxis can only be used six days a week, and there are new rules to limit pollution from cars.
Everyone at  Our Cabana celebrating World Thinking Day
Here at Our Cabaña, we started our environmental activities before World Thinking Day. We’re doing a lot more walking rather than relying on taxis – good for the environment, and for our health! We’ve also changed our light-bulbs to environmentally friendly ones, and make sure lights and computers are always turned off when not in use. We try not waste a thing in our craft house, and re-use our scrap paper. It can be difficult to start a movement, but we are making great strides.

Making beautiful things from flowers
When World Thinking Day arrived, we were prepared to promote the actions for environmental change. We hosted 250 Guides from various towns in Mexico, as well as 30 adults from around the world. The Guides thought about various actions that they can do in their home, school or other programs. Some learned about using the sun to prepare snacks, or how to make fashion accessories using recycled materials, while others made promotional signs to encourage their families to recycle and turn off switches or taps.

We all learned how the small efforts we do individually gain momentum to make big changes in the environment!
Guides showing off what they've made


  1. If your unit has done something special recently to show your respect for the environment, why not add it onto this blog site to share your ideas?

  2. Saving the environment is such a honorable and smartest thing to do right now. It's really hard to reverse back the effects of what we've already done in the environment but fighting the bad habits certainly gives a positive side in your efforts.