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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Planting trees in Croydon!

On Saturday 2nd March, Rainbows, Brownies and Guides from Selsdon, Croydon, got together to plant sixty trees in honour of the Queen’s Jubilee at our local National Trust woodland.

The trees were received from the Woodland Trust via the Sainsbury’s Active Kids Scheme. We planted a huge variety of trees including, birch, hawthorn, dogwood, rose, cherry, holly and hazel. The Friends of Selsdon Woods, the local management group, had prepared the area for us and helped us to plant and water in the trees.

The girls had a great time and loved the fact that they will be able to visit in years to come to watch “their” trees growing and making our area green!

Jo Wheeler – Leader, 1st Selsdon Rainbows, 10th Selsdon Brownies and 2nd Selsdon Guides.

For more information about the Jubilee Woods project and how you could take part in the UK, click here.

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  1. well done. we also had tree's to plant which we planted at Paignton Zoo, we were also given a tree by the Zoo to plant in our honour to celebrate the Jubilee. 1st Goodrington Brownies and Guides