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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wythall Senior Section - are young people bored of hearing about the environment?

We had a big discussion about respect for the environment – and respect for people

When it came to the environment we felt that, having talked about recycling and global warming since we were very young, we’re now bored with hearing about the issue. The only members of our group who are still interested in talking about it are those who are studying the subject.

One of the problems with keeping the young involved, we feel, is that this is a long term problem that happens slowly with very little drama – and young people (in general) tend to have a short-term view.

We need to find a way to keep young people interested. We feel that the UK does do more than many other countries but not as much as other places like Scandinavia. We’re interested to find out how other people feel their country is at respecting their environment.

We then began to chat about respect for people, and feel that the current pressure from the media and peers can make girls compare themselves to impossible images, and lose their self-respect. Celebrities often do not help young girls’ body image or give a great example on handling relationships.

We know some people are judged by their relationships and say that their ‘boyfriends complete them’. We are not really sure how to change this but do feel that girls, in particular, need to start to believe that they are important for who they are not what others want them to be.

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  1. I think environmental organisations, or products wanting eco cred like to align their brands with young people and, yes, young people have the message but whether they're putting it into practice, I don't know. I know as an advocacy liaison for my member organisation and as a leader trying to run environmental programs can be tough because it's all stuff the girls have done in school. In fact, we run the best environmental education there is. We get children outdoors. An appreciation for the out of doors and nature is the first phase in getting anyone to care more the environment; surely.