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Thursday, 16 February 2012

123rd Birmingham Guides challenge you to show your respect for the planet

We got together to chat about what we think about respect for the planet. We think it’s really important! During our chat, all we thought of at first was big stuff, like saving endangered species and diversity of plants and animals.

Then we started talking about things we can all do ourselves to show our respect for the world – and there’s quite a lot – even little things like not leaving TVs on standby and using energy-saving light bulbs. We could also encourage people to install solar panels.

When talking about global warming we thought about pollution and everything we can do as Guides to reduce our contributions, such as reducing the amount of smoke from bonfires, not throwing rubbish on the floor, recycling more and composting fruit waste.

So, we want to know – why isn’t this being done by everyone? We think there should be more adverts/leaflets, more bins and maybe make laws to force people to recycle. What could be done in your area?

To show our respect for the environment, we’ve decided to visit a local beauty spot to identify any issues like litter and do our bit to help.

We’ve got a great game idea too – the litter game! Hide something valuable like sweets inside a pile of rubbish (only clean and safe rubbish with no sharp edges) – there are lots of piles spread around the room. The first patrol to find the valuable object wins! It shows that rubbish can be valuable and we shouldn’t throw it all away. Does anyone else have any environment games they’d like to share?

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