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Monday, 16 July 2012

Helene's summer adventures with 1st Bodicote Guides

Any writing in blue are words taken from Helene’s diary which has been compiled and written by our Guides.

Saturday 9th June
Marie and Emily return home from camp to find Helene sleeping in a jiffy bag in the letterbox.  We tell her all the things we got up to at our Jubilee camp in the rain and gale force winds.  Helene agrees she was probably in the best place...
Tuesday 12th June
Helene has her photo taken with 1st Bodicote Guides' welly entry in Jubilee village flower festival.  1st Bodicote Guides were overjoyed to be awarded with 2nd prize rosette in the decorated welly competition. 
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Well done Guides!
Wednesday 13th June
Helene’s first meeting with 1st Bodicote Guides......
Today we made woggles and wind sock kites.  We had a lot of fun but it was really hard.  Hopefully we will get round to making one for Helene later.  Holly has made her a purple and green headband.

Olivia, Alice and Hannah are looking forward to taking her climbing next week! We hope she is not scared of heights. :0

Sunday 17th June
Helene joins a patrol of guides at Oxygen – Oxfordshire Annual Patrol competition held at Jubilee House near Oxford.

Today Helene came to Oxygen at Jubilee House.  In our patrol was Katie, Lily, Holly, Leah, Lauryn, Olivia and Alice.

The activities were
1.     – Transporting the Royal Family
2.     – Queens Lego challenge
3.     – Orienteering
4.     – Afternoon Tea
5.      – Pioneering
6.     – Geocaching

Helene had a great time and so did the rest of us. 
Helene had really good fun, she got to sit in a Lego castle, she got to solve a problem with us to try and put the puzzle together and guess where the flag came from.  Helene also got to ride in the Royal family carriage we made. Helene loves to have her photo taken and we have recorded all her adventures from today.  Helene has had an awesome time at this event with us and she is going climbing on Wednesday.  I hope she is careful. 

Helene in her castle!
Wednesday 20th June
Helene joins us at the climbing wall in Bloxham. 

Helene had great fun tonight at Bloxham.  Katy looked after her and they both prepared for the big climb. 

Written by Katy - When it was our turn Chris our instructor put Helene in my harness so Helene was safe and secure.  We started off well and got all the way to the top, but when we started to abseil down we were both trembling a bit.  In the end we both had great fun and were very proud of our achievements. -  Thanks Chris

Wednesday 27th June
Helene joined 1st Bodicote Guides again for their weekly meeting. This week we met at Horley Scout camp to take part in an evening of Archery.

I am enjoying my time with 1st Bodicote Guides.  Tonight I have been doing Archery and I scored a BULLSEYE ! -  Jazzy, Alice and Hannah

I had a lot of fun tonight doing Archery.  I had a million pictures taken of me posing in different places, whilst waiting for my turn with bow and arrows, it has been exhausting!!    - Emily B

Poor Helene got stuck in a cave with thorns in.  She was terrified - she had her photo taken to prove how brave she was.

The cave of doom with rabbits. Holly and Deanna.

I am enjoying my adventures with my new friends who include Leah and Sophie. I especially  had a great laugh when Sophie and Me tricked Leah pretending that a rope we found on the ground was a snake....She believed us !!

I went with Leah and Olivia on a bear hunt, we found a cone, a tent, and a trailer – but we didn’t find another bear.  I am loving my hat made in the colours of the Olympic rings –I have found a new hobby ARCHERY its great watching my friends all having turns.  I am really excited.

Alice made me a heart out of grass with her knees and I jumped into the middle. A picture was taken of me wearing my new hat Marie made for me.

Thursday  28th June
Helene went along with Marie to our Division meeting.  Fiona writes Helene joined us for the meeting and was very well behaved although she made little contribution.  To be fair she was unlikely to be heard over the noisy Leaders here (They know who they are!!)  We all enjoyed meeting Helene and wish her well on her travels.  Bon Voyage Helene from Cherwell Division advisors.

Friday 29th June
Helene joined Katy, Lucy, Lily and Katie (Guides) and Lisa and Marie (Leaders) at the Malvern Challenge in Gloucestershire.  None of the girls had been to the Malvern Challenge before so they were as new to the experience as Helene -  all of them were very excited.

Saturday 30th June
Today Helene is going on a seven mile hike with challenges all the way round the route. 
Helene is very excited and is all strapped into Lily’s bag - ready to go. 

Their challenges were -  An animal observation talk and question,  rifle shooting, and the obstacle course.

Helene had a lot of photos taken with us on the obstacle course.

Cosy in a sleeping bag
In the evening there was a terrible encounter....... Helene got KIDNAPPED!  Yes Helene got kidnapped because Katie introduced her to a Scout.  He ran off with her then asked for money to get her back.  BUT we have her back and we didn’t pay any money.  Phew that was scary.

Hiking together

Ready to go!

Sunday 1st July 
Today we are off to the fair and we are all very excited.  We had Malvern currency for Crazy Frog and Mega dance, Helene came on both with us it was great fun.  She also came on the bouncy castle and the inflatable bouncy obstacle course and slide.

All in all the girls had a fun weekend and have asked to come again.  If they get in again next year we will suggest they enter the Cotswold challenge.  Katie has become very attached to Helene and she will be very sad to say Goodbye.
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What a view!

Wednesday 4th July
Our last evening with Helene before she continues on her travels.  Tonight she joins us again at Horley Scout camp for Rifle shooting. [check out the A-Z of activities for info on this activity if you're a Girlguiding UK member]

Helene loves coming to Horley – Katy
Katie is sooooooo pleased to see Helene again and has been attached to her all night.  It was wet but everyone enjoyed themselves. – Maisie
Helene will miss Katie very much and the girls who spent the weekend with her were very excited to see her again.  Katie has become very close to Helene after the amazing weekend at the Malvern Challenge.  Katie has taken great care of Helene whilst shooting by protecting her in her jumper and only letting Helene have a photo with the gun under strict supervision.
We love Helene - Katie and Lucy
I love Helene so please look after her for me, give her loads more adventures and loads of love.  Katie

It has been great fun hosting Helene and she certainly is a conversation starter!

1st Bodicote Guides

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