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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

An Olympic holiday for Helene in North Wales

Bora da,
Making our mascots
Mae Helene wedi ymuno a grŵp 9th Wrecsam yn Gogledd Cymru am eu gwyliau yn Ty Clwyd, Llanfaitlhaiarn. Y thema oedd gemau’r Olympaidd.
Translation: Helene has joined 9th Wrexham brownies in North Wales on their Olympic pack holiday in Ty Clwyd, Llanfaitalhaiarn.

On the Friday evening Helene helped the Brownies make their Olympic mascots getting glue everywhere! She helped to create four individual mascots all made from recycled materials. They were all designed and named by the girls. They looked great!
After lots of games and running around Helene settled down in her sleeping bag hoping the Brownies would go to sleep early...

Heading out in our wellies
On Saturday morning the Olympic theme continued and Helene got very sticky mixing up some energy-boosting flapjacks with the Brownies. They were very tasty.

After lunch we went for a long walk in our wellies for a paddle in the river and to play in the park, where we played an Olympic rings game. Tired and hungry we went home for a drink and cakes, before designing and making ancient Greek pot out of clay. We also made our very own Olympic torches!

Mmmm marshmallows!
We then changed into some party dresses for tea and Helene sat as the Brownies entertained her. Afterwards the girls all kindly shared some of their midnight feast snacks with her. She particularly enjoyed the pink marshmallows!
Sunday morning the girls joined Helene in tucking into some delicious bacon butties for breakfast. They then split into Olympic teams to race for bronze, silver, gold medals to gain their agility badge.

After lunch it was time to say goodbye to each other and Helene in our very own closing ceremony!

Helene and her new Brownie friends

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