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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A friendship activity idea - secret friend

I'd like to share a friendship activity we normally do on our Brownie holidays.

All the girls' and Leaders' names are put into a hat/bag (whatever!) and on the first night, they each draw someone out.
This person is then their secret friend for the weekend. In a similar way to the Random Acts of Kindness idea, they must perform small acts of kindness, helpfulness etc for their secret friend.

If I'm honest, some of the girls are better at keeping secrets than others, but it's lovely to see them helping each out and actively finding ways to do so. It could be something like offering a sweet, helping to make a bed or just saying something nice to that person.

Kerri Hickman, 145 Sheffield Hallam Brownies

Here are some of our Brownies on a trip to see the Sheffield Guide show - en route, we spotted a free photo booth and couldn't resist!
Have you done a special friendship activity with your group recently? Why not send a blog entry to share it?

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  1. I love this idea and it's great for a residential event with girls.